Transportation to Sapa from Hanoi with 3 ways

Will certainly be a question that many tourists set out to want to travel to the famous North West. If visitors are wondering what transportation options for your Sapa trip. This post will let you know how can find the best way to go to Sapa!

Night train Hanoi Sapa

Sapa transportation from Hanoi

1. By train

There are 2 kinds of train to go to Sapa

  • Day train

In all the facilities that can be used to go to Sapa. So travel by trains is one of the safest and the most convenient way to get to Sapa.

So, if you want to have a perfect choice to travel Sapa. The train is the means that you are looking for. By train, you can go quickly to Sapa station without going through intermediate stations, saving both time and effort while traveling. Therefore, the majority of Sapa choose this perfect way to Sapa.

Seating on the train is also great, visitors will be both moving and scenic Northwest mountains through the window glass. It will be a memorable experience that travelers should not miss if Sapa travel by train. If you want to choose the train as a transfer to travel Sapa, know how to choose when traveling Sapa. You should choose to buy Early check-in to select the best seats on the train at a reasonable price.

In addition, visitors should reduce the amount of luggage to carry when traveling, avoid carrying heavy goods on board. There are some experience travelers should know to have a great trip.

  • Night train

This way more popular than day train to sapa. And also very convenient for all visitor to travel to sapa. with night train you can find many option. hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper or soft sleeper. Almost tourist they like too use soft sleeper. Because nothing to see at night time. Similar like day train. You should book in advance to make sure that it’s available.

2. By Bus

Currently, in addition to the train options, visitors can refer to some of the Sapa tour by bus. Publish bus currently occupies a large number of tourists registered Sapa tourism. By car, tourists can go straight to Sapa town without transfer, is not it great?

If you choose passenger bus to travel Sapa, you do not need to go to the station, parking by the car will pick up guests at home. Sapa bus trips are now equipped with soft seats and air conditioning. Travelers will feel the Sapa trip becomes a lot easier when traveling by car. The price of the car is also very cheap, very suitable for those who want to save money for their trip. Combination stay with local host. We call  homestay  it’s a great idea for you.

3. Travel by motorbike

This is a great choice that is very much preferred by the young visitor. With the motorbike, visitors will have a great  trip to Sapa . Also motorbike can use as a way of transportation at the Sapa tourist.

The journey to Sapa by motorbike always brings tourists experience is extremely interesting and wonderful.

Visitors will be crossing the long, long-lost highways, through the woods of thousands of trees or even moving through the mountainside trails… A lot of interesting things, attractive are waiting When tourists travel Sapa by motorcycle!

With the useful information about transportation to Sapa from Hanoi. We hope it can help you. Wishing you have a wonderful stay in Sapa Vietnam.

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