How To Get From Ninh Binh to SaPa?

The easiest way to travel the 410km distance from Ninh Binh to Sapa is by bus. This bus journey takes 8 hours and costs $19.50. Other options include taking the train (11.5 hours) or a taxi (8 hours).

Ninh Binh to SaPa – How To Get

The quickest way to travel directly from Ninh Binh to Sapa is by bus. There are 2 bus companies available for this route. One departs from Ninh Binh city center and the other one departs from Tam Coc. You can choose which one is near your accommodation.

Traveling by train from Ninh Binh to Sapa involves an extra stop. First, you have to take the train from Ninh Binh to Hanoi. Once you arrive at Hanoi railway station, you have to switch to an overnight train going to Lao Cai. From there, you will need to take a van or public bus the next morning to reach Sapa. We only recommend taking the train when traveling back from Sapa to Hanoi.

A private taxi is an option to consider if you are traveling with a group. It provides more privacy and gets you straight to your hotel in Sapa. No need to worry about switching transport and it is quicker than the train. However, it can be very expensive at $240 for a 5-seater car.

Transport mode Duration Costs Availability
Bus 8 hours 450,000 VND ($19.50) Check bus ticket
Train 11.5 hours 570,000 VND ($25) Read article to book train rides
Private Car 8 hours 5,580,000 VND ($240) Reserve a private car

Itinerary from Ninh Binh to SaPa

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