To this day, I’m grateful for these communities because: 1. I’ve learned that there ARE many like-minded people, I just need to put myself out there to find them. 2. The Facebook groups I’ve joined now take over my news feed so that I will constantly see useful posts I actually want to read! 3. I don’t need to worry about making friends when solo traveling, now that I know there are many places to make friends online.

So without further ado, here is the ultimate list of travel communities to join:

Ultimate List of Travel Communities

For all who want to discuss travel:

  • MeWantTravel – (Facebook group) – A shameless plug for our travel group! This group is open to guys, girls, nomads, bloggers – basically anyone who enjoys travel. The thing about our group is Heesun and I are constantly moderating it and making sure we’re promoting a safe community. If we see anything “sketchy” we will report or ban users. We also make sure the community is free from spam/constant self promotion. So we’re here for you! Join us! And let’s talk travel 🙂
  • r/travel/ – (Reddit) – I don’t use Reddit much but when I do…
  • Visiting and Traveling – (Quora) – Quora is amazing! It’s a great place to ask questions and get answers. And if you’re a blogger, you can totally gain lots of traffic through this platform by acting as an expert in the space and directing them to your website.
  • International Travel – (Quora)
  • Ultimate Travel Group – (Facebook group)
  • Let There Be Travel – (Facebook group)

Budget Travel

Girl Travelers:

  • Girls Love Travel –  (Facebook group) – This group is probably the largest and tightest knit girl travel community I’ve ever seen. They’re very supportive and sweet – if you’re a girl who loves traveling, I definitely think you should join this group. I’ve met new friends through the community and have learned a lot by seeing the posts regularly. However, as an honest warning, when you’re in a group full of girls there WILL be drama and gossip…well, I will spare the details! Regardless, I still love the group and will continue participating in it.
  • Girls vs Globe – (Facebook group) – Girls vs Globe is awesome! The conversation in the group has become more blogger focused now. They provide useful information and feedback when you ask questions.
  • Digital Nomad Girls – (Facebook group)

Digital Nomad:

  • Financial Freedom with Digital Nomad Quest – (Facebook) Another shameless plug for my group in which we talk about entrepreneurship, passive income, financial freedom, side hustles, and digital nomad / travel life :). Please join us!
  • Digital Nomad Forum – (Website) – So I initially decided against paying a membership fee to join Digital Nomad Forum as I had all of these amazing Facebook groups at the tip of my fingers. However, when I saw the price go up for membership I decided screw it, I’ll join the community. One reason that swayed me was – if all these members paid a fee to join the group, they must be a solid group of passionate digital nomads. This is exactly the type of people I want to surround myself with and learn more from as I’ve recently discovered the extreme importance of networking. So, I paid $75 to enter the group. And since it’s a one-time fee I thought it was a pretty good price (and to note, they could up the price at any time in the future!) Turns out the group is great because these people really know what they’re talking about. I’ve been especially participating in their Slack community (Slack is a chat room & direct messaging platform).
  • Digital Nomads Around the World – (Facebook Group) – Another very active digital nomad group! I just asked a question on the group today, actually.
  • Worldwide Digital Nomads – (Facebook Group)
  • Digital Nomad Girls– (Facebook Group)
  • /r/digitalnomad – (Reddit)


General Nomad

  • NOMADS – a life of cheap/free travel – (Facebook group) – This group already has over 118k members!
  • No Mad Island – (Facebook group) – These nomads created “No Mad Island” to discuss the possibility of purchasing an island with all its members. You’d think they were joking, but no. They have literally created an FAQ, website, committees, spreadsheets of ideal islands, voting systems, and regular Skype sessions to make this happen. I’m in the group but not as active. I’m just waiting for them to truly make it happen so I can secure my spot with payment :).

Travel Bloggers

General Blogger Community


I’m adding this section for all the aspiring digital nomads in the world.


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