How to Book a Travel Homestay-Choosing the Right Travel Homestay

Sapa Choosing the Right Travel Homestay

A travel homestay is a great way to save money and immerse yourself in local culture. Choosing a homestay instead of a hotel means you will have expanded opportunities to experience your travel destination from a local perspective. Before booking a travel homestay, make sure you are utilizing a reputable agency, have contacted the host’s references, and have asked the host important questions about the homestay.

1 Choosing the Right Travel Homestay

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1 Utilize a reputable agency. Your best bet for a safe and successful travel homestay is to book it through a reputable agency, company, or website. You should choose an agency that has been booking homestays in your destination for a considerable period of time and has high ratings from customers. Reputable resources for booking travel homestays include:

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2 Try the local tourism board. If you can’t find information on a homestay in your travel destination from a reputable homestay resource, you can try contacting the local tourism board or chamber of commerce. These entities will often have lists of homestays in the region, or may be able to connect you to families and individuals offering homestays in your destination.


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3 Read online reviews. If you are booking your travel homestay through a reputable online agency or company, read online reviews of your host. Many sites, like, have built-in review systems that allow you to read reviews of your potential hosts. Pay attention to bad reviews, even if there is only one of them.


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4 Ask for references before booking. You should always ask for references from other travelers before booking a homestay. If the booking agency does not have a built-in review system, ask for contact information of former guests and contact them yourself. Do not rely on the agency to send you written reviews from former guests. Make sure you contact former guests yourself.


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5 Talk to friends and family. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances who have previously traveled to your destination, reach out to them. Ask them where they stayed, and if they have suggestions for you. Sometimes the best travel homestays are found by talking to those already within your networks.

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6 Meet with your school’s study abroad department. If you are a student seeking a travel homestay, you should take advantage of resources at your school. Chances are your school has existing homestay networks in your destination of choice. They can also connect you to other students that have had successful travel homestay experiences in the region to which you will be traveling.


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