Sapa-Warnings on Scams at Lao Cai railway station

When you arrive at Lao Cai railway station early in the morning. It is dark there. Here is a helpful warning for you. You should be read before beginning your  Sapa Tours 

There is some cheating at Lao Cai railway station that some guys try to see your travel voucher if you ready to arrange a  trip to Sapa with a hotel or a travel agency in Hanoi. Then they talk to you that they are looking for you, invite you to the bus. When you get on the bus, they will ask you around 30 US Dollars for a seat on the bus to Sapa.
They say that: “Please pay to me now and when you arrive in Sapa, your hotel or your travel agency in Sapa will pay you the same amount back”. This is the bad person and He or She is not the person of the hotel or travel agency. So please do not pay for anybody there, and be aware of this problem.

If you can not find your pick-up sign at the exit of Lao Cai railways station, you must contact the tour agents or the hotels where you book the trip.
For the one who traveling without a tour arranged before, please note that the price for the transfer from Lao Cai Railway station to Sapa is around 5 US Dollars/ 1 way
The train arrives at Lao Cai in the early morning, Some cheating persons try to get into the train platform or the train carriage before your arrival.

Sapa-Warnings on Scams at Lao Cai railway station

If you have booked the tour in Sap  before you go. When you arrive at Lao Cai railway station, you will go out the Exit by yourself. The driver and guide will wait for you at Exit with a welcome board of your name and the name of hotel/ company which you have booked tour.

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