Travelling Sapa, it is important to mention special food such as Thang Co, carried-under-arm pigs (Lon cap nach) pigs, stream fish, especially salmon imported from foreign countries. Visitors cannot forget a hot pot served with salmon and green vegetables in freezing winter. As a cold area, Sapa is famous for vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, beets and chayote.

Referring to delicious dishes of Sapa, there are hand-made pork sausages, fresh mushrooms with pork, black chicken (black skin, black bone), the different kinds of barbecue. However, there is a specialty which is inevitable in Sapa meal – San Lung wine, cat apple wine. A glass of wine at breakfast will bring sophisticated feelings of us about the food here. Therefore, let’s start your journey to discover the romantic area, the town of Sapa where you have not heard before.